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VOTING INSTRUCTIONS for the 2014 Re-Run Election for Union President of Local 1460 UFCT

Dear Members,

The election is on as of 12pm, Dec. 3, 2014.

Below is a copy of the voting instructions contained on the official ballot which you received directly from VoteNet on Dec. 3, 2014.

Please read your individual email and it’s voting instructions, with particular attention to the Username and Activation Code procedures, so that your individual vote may be properly executed and counted.

If you have NOT received a direct email from VoteNet containing your own personalized access codes and instructions for a valid voting experience please contact the Election Committee at

Please remember to exercise your right to vote!


The system will ask you to enter your Username and Activation Code, (which will be sent to you); they will then ask you to create and confirm an 8-digit Password.  Lastly it will ask you to login using your Username and Password.  This three-step process keeps your vote secret and safe.  No one has access to your password.

Note: the online ballot can be accessed from any smartphone or device that has full browser capabilities.

All of your choices are held in a secure database and are completely secret.  No one has access to the choices you made.  Both systems will give you a confirmation number.  This number is proof to you that your vote has been successfully transmitted to Votenet’s secure database.

Username: …………………… Activation Code: ……………..


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