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UFCT Officers are elected for terms of three calendar years. The Elections Committee is responsible for conducting fair and free elections during the Fall of the final year of current leadership terms. If you have any questions or concerns about the elections, please contact the Elections Committee at

2022/2023 Election

Election Timeline:

  • January 30: Voting period begins, election ballots distributed to membership by email through eBallot

  • March 1: Voting period ends

  • March 7: Votes certified, elected officers announced

  • May 15: Elected officers take office

Candidates for election (the hyperlinks will take you to the candidate statements):

For the sake of transparency all nominations are tallied below. Only those nominees with at least 4 nominations were eligible for candidacy.

President: Darini Nicholas, 36 nominations


President: Kye Carbone, 22 nominations


President: Holly Wilson, 3 nominations


Vice President: Elæ Moss, 38 nominations 


Vice President: Holly Wilson, 23 nominations 


Treasurer: Jennifer Miller, 38 nominations 


Treasurer: Steve Doloff, 22 nominations 


Treasurer: Tod Ayoung, 1 nomination


Secretary: Joan Wittig, 25 nominations 


Secretary: Velina Manolova, 39 nominations


Secretary: Luis Alonso, 1 nomination


2014 Certified Election Results


Dear Members,

We would like to announce the results of today’s final election count:

Overall Participation was 51.94% (186 out of 387).

143 Members voted for candidate Kye Carbone.
43 Members voted for candidate Jenny Lee.

Yours in Solidarity,

The 2014 Election Committee

Luis Alonso
Linda Lauro-Lazin
Mark O’Grady

The final and official Certification of Results and Audit Report on Activity and Integrity provided by to us by our election agent, Votenet Solutions, is provided here.

VOTING INSTRUCTIONS for the 2014 Re-Run Election for

Union President of Local 1460 UFCT

Dear Members,

The election is on as of 12pm, Dec. 3, 2014.

Below is a copy of the voting instructions contained on the official ballot which you received directly from VoteNet on Dec. 3, 2014.

Please read your individual email and it’s voting instructions, with particular attention to the Username and Activation Code procedures, so that your individual vote may be properly executed and counted.

If you have NOT received a direct email from VoteNet containing your own personalized access codes and instructions for a valid voting experience please contact the Election Committee at

Please remember to exercise your right to vote!



The system will ask you to enter your Username and Activation Code, (which will be sent to you); they will then ask you to create and confirm an 8-digit Password.  Lastly it will ask you to login using your Username and Password.  This three-step process keeps your vote secret and safe.  No one has access to your password.

Note: the online ballot can be accessed from any smartphone or device that has full browser capabilities.

All of your choices are held in a secure database and are completely secret.  No one has access to the choices you made.  Both systems will give you a confirmation number.  This number is proof to you that your vote has been successfully transmitted to Votenet’s secure database.

Online Ballot:

Username: ……………………
Activation Code: ……………..

For the Fall 2014 Re-Run Election for Union President of Local 1460 UFCT


Union Letter to Kye and Jenny

This election will start on December 3rd at 12 p.m. Eastern and conclude on December 12th at 5 p.m. Eastern.

This election is being rerun due to a technical violation of the LMRDA that the union was made aware of after the December 2013 election.

The candidates have been asked to provide statements which will are posted on the Union website.

Method of polling will be by electronic balloting administered by Votenet.

You will receive an email and paper mailing from VoteNet instructing you how to cast your vote securely and privately.

If you are not able to vote for any reason, please contact the election committee below.

Please note that we the Elections Committee, will be sending out additional reminders and notification by email up to the time of the election but please be aware of this upcoming important election.

SPECIFIC VOTING INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE PROVIDED BY VOTENET. We will post them on the website before December 3rd and as soon as they are available.

The candidates are Kye Carbone and Jenny Lee. Their election statements are provided below:

Candidate’s Statements:

Kye Carbone:

Kye Carbone for UFCT Local 1460 President:  A Decade of Positive Faculty Accomplishment

I am honored to again be nominated for President of UFCT Local 1460.

Since 2003, I have faithfully served the office of Union President.  I believe I have demonstrated the necessary strength, forthrightness, integrity, honesty, drive, focus, and transparency of means warranting leading our Union going forward.

Accordingly, I respectfully ask for your enthusiastic and affirmative vote.

Moreover, a vote for me is a vote of confidence for the Local’s elected officers: Emily Beall (VP), Holly Wilson (Secretary), and Dennis Masback (Treasurer). As a team, we are dedicated to strengthening faculty’s roles in academic life at Pratt Institute.  As a Union, it is our individual acts that coalesce to form collective gains.

Three pillars constitute effective union governance:  I. Contract enforcement, II. Grievance adjustment and III. Collective bargaining. I have a deep and demonstrable understanding of each.  I led the negotiating team for our last three Contracts, which encompass twelve-years of verifiable gains in salary, benefits, rights and protections:

  • annual percentage increases of 3+% a year;

  • FT salary and PT rate increases, granting 10-15% at promotion;

  • expanded health benefits for PT Faculty;

  • expanded medical leave for PT Faculty, full medical leave for FT and CCE;

  • increased sabbatical leaves for tenured Faculty;

  • equity “adjustments” for FT Faculty;

  • strengthened Academic Freedom to protect faculty’s right to input on curriculum


I continue to pledge my dedication and commitment to the challenges that invariably lie ahead and promise never to lose sight of the confidence and trust you have bestowed upon me.

In Solidarity,


Jenny Lee:       Statement not provided by candidate.

Elections Procedures for Fall 2013:

1. Elections are held every third calendar year to fill three-year terms for the officer positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer (the “Leadership Team”). Elections occur before current officer terms end. The terms of current officers end December 31st, 2013.

2. The Elections Committee will be composed solely of member volunteers who do not currently hold an officer position and who do not intend to run for an officer position.

3. The Elections Committee is charged with holding elections by: 1) disseminating information about the nominations and elections process; 2) receiving and tallying nominations; and 3) conducting elections for contested officer positions.

4. These election procedures will be posted to the union website, and an email will be sent to all members in good standing to notify them of procedures and deadlines for the upcoming elections.

5. In order to be placed on the ballot as a candidate for one of the officer positions, a member must be nominated for that position by at least three (3) union members. Self nomination is allowed.

6. Each union member in good standing (no arrears of union dues) may nominate one person for each officer position. Agency payers are ineligible to vote or to be nominated for office.

7. Nominators must secure consent from the member being nominated and must include a telephone number and/or email where the nominee can be reached for verification.

Nominations that do not contain clear contact information will be disqualified. 

8. There are two ways that nominations can be submitted. Union members may use the electronic nominations form or download and print a paper version of the form, which should be mailed to: Elections Committee, UFCT Office, 125 North Hall, Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205.

9. The deadline for nominations submission is December 2nd, 2013 at 5:00 pm.

10. On December 2nd, 2013, the Elections Committee will begin reviewing the list of nominees, verifying their status with the Union and their willingness to serve if elected. After reviewing the nominations, the Elections Committee will prepare ballots in accordance with NYSUT rules. At that time, Final Nominees will be asked to submit a half-page statement with respect to their qualifications and beliefs regarding the office they are seeking. After all materials from the candidates have been received, voting guidelines and a link to our electronic voting service will be emailed to union members.  

11. Should there be only one nominee for a particular officer position, the Elections Committee will not hold an election and the single nominee will assume the officer position for which she was nominated. Should there be no nominees for a particular officer position, the Elections Committee will inform the current leadership team, which will be responsible for soliciting nominees.

2013 Union Elections Nomination Form:



1. You can nominate one Pratt Faculty Union member per office for one or more of the offices listed below.

2. Contact information (yours as well as for all people you nominate) must be included for the nomination to be considered.

3. Consent must be obtained from the nominee prior to submission.

4. To submit your nomination electronically, please fill out the form below, complete the SPAM prevention step, and hit the “Submit Your Nomination(s)” button.

5. There are two ways that you can confirm that your nomination was successfully submitted: you should see a confirmation message beneath the form after you have submitted it and you will also receive a copy of the nomination to the email address you entered in the form.

6. Frustrated by the electronic form? Try downloading the printable/mailable nominations form.

7. Problems or concerns about this process? Contact the Elections Committee here.


The nomination form is no longer available because the deadline for 2013 nominations has passed.

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