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Part-Time Health Benefits Initiative

A group of union members has initiated a much-needed awareness campaign to draw attention to the following:

  1. 75-80% of Pratt faculty are currently deemed ineligible for any form of health insurance benefits through the Institute

  2. Of Pratt’s yearly operating budget of 170 million, less than 20% is spent on faculty (that’s including all part-time and full-time faculty benefits).

  3. The Pratt administration has agreed to provide healthcare benefits for part-timers in the past 2 contracts, but has yet to honor these agreements in practice.

  4. Every other college of Pratt’s prestige and caliber in NYC provides healthcare benefits to both full and part-time faculty (including The New School, Cooper Union, School of Visual Arts, CUNY, NYU, and Columbia).

  5. UFCT’s current demand is that Pratt grant all part-timers (who teach a 50% workload for at least two semesters) access to healthcare benefits with a 25% contribution by the employee.

  6. This is just the beginning of  a multi-pronged campaign.  Check out the website, or download the Healthcare FactSheet to find out how to support this endeavor.

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