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NYSUT Campaign to Save Public Higher Ed

NYSUT is asking you to support a campaign launched by our higher education affiliate at SUNY, United University Professions, to “Save SUNY” from devastating cuts and a tiered tuition plan that would make it even harder for New York families to afford public higher education for their children. Support UUP’s campaign by sending a letter at

Make sure you’ve also weighed in by sending the letters of support for public higher ed at NYSUT’s Action Center, part of the union’s broad-based campaign in support of UUP at SUNY; the Professional Staff Congress at CUNY; and our community college locals. As our higher education affiliates advocate in Albany this week and next, we all need to speak up. New York’s students deserve the opportunity to attend a public college in New York state!

Take action for SUNY

TAKE action for CUNY and Community Colleges

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