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Website Instructions

Dear contributors,

We (Suzanne Verderber and Holly Wilson, members of the executive committee and the site’s managers) considered the option of allowing new posts to go directly to the site, un-moderated. But for a few reasons we decided to “mediate” posts. This means that posts from contributors arrive at a queue in our “manager’s window.” We click on these posts and click “publish.”

The reasons for this decision are the following:

1. “Spammers” seek out un-moderated sites, leaving the site vulnerable.

2. Since the site is open to the general public, we felt we needed some control over what appears there.

3. Finally, there may be a situation where we need a message to remain front and center (e.g. an emergency meeting; a message of importance to the membership, such as news of the ratification vote, etc.), in which case we might have to delay publishing other posts for a while.

These reasons DO NOT include any will or desire on our part to censor the words of contributors. For this, you only have our word and the evidence of your own eyes when you submit a post. You might want to save a copy of your post before you click “save” so that you can verify that your words have not been edited or censored.

As we reiterate below, the two “managers” will try to publish new posts on the site at least once a day. Your post will not appear immediately.

Here is information about how to contribute to this website and what happens to your contributions when you do:

1. In order to contribute, you must register. To register, click on “Log In” to the right of the page, in the gray area.

2. A “WordPress” box will appear. Click on “register” at the bottom. You will be asked to enter a user name, which will appear in your comments, and a password. The box indicates that your password will be emailed to you.

3. Retrieve your password from your email account and return to the site.

4. If you see a post on the site to which you would like to add a comment, do the following:

a. Click on “Log in.”

b. The same “WordPress” box will appear. This time, enter your user name and password.

c. The “Dashboard” page will appear. Look up at the top and click on “View Site.” Click on “Add comment” below the post you would like to discuss.

d. A box will appear in which you may write your comment.

e. Click submit. At this point, your comment will be immediately posted to the site.

f. You may click on log out, or remain logged in and click on “News” to return to the front page, or anywhere else.

5. If you would like to write a post rather than a comment, do the following:

a. Click on “Log in.”

b. The same “WordPress” box will appear. Enter your user name and password.

c. The “Dashboard” page will appear. Click on “Write a post.”

d. Fill in a title. Write your post.

e. Be sure to sign your name to the post, in the white box, or else it will not automatically appear.

f. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Whether you click “save and continue editing” or “save,” your post will be forwarded to the queue of posts that the managers of the site will then post on the site. Be sure that you have said what you want to say before you click either "save" or "save and continuing editing." If you have a problem, email one of us.

g. The managers will publish new posts at least once a day.


Holly Wilson (UFCT 1460 Secretary,

Suzanne Verderber (UFCT 1460 VP,


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