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Union People Spring 2010

Dear UFCT Member:

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and have had a successful start to the spring 2010 semester.

As I announced last fall, I am on sabbatical for this semester [taking some much needed time to return to the much neglected studio.] And, although I am not on the Pratt campus day-to-day, rest assured, I'm very much in touch and attuned to what is happening on the ground (and trust me, there is always something!) The bottom-line is that nothing has really changed regarding the structure of our Union. So, if anyone is confused, you needn't be…

As I announced last fall, Suzanne Verderber, (tenured) Associate Professor, Humanities & Media Studies, who is the UFCT's current VP, will assume the role of acting UFCT President for the spring 2010 semester. Moreover, Holly Wilson, (tenure-track) Assistant Professor, Libraries, who is the Union's Secretary, will be joining Gerson Sparer, (tenured) Professor, Math & Science, and Ric Brown, (tenured) Associate Professor, Social Sciences, on the UFCT's grievance team. [These are the people I work with every day, and the ones whose judgement I trust 100%!]

Therefore, if you have any concern, as always, please contact the Union directly at: 718-636-3614, or, email 'me' directly at:, yes, I will put you in contact with someone if need be… Moreover, Suzanne will be holding regular office hours at the UFCT office: 125 North Hall. I will notify you of these hours shortly.

[I'm not dead yet!]

In Solidarity,


Suzanne Verderber's Office Hours Spring 2010 (125 North Hall)

Tuesday 12-5

Wednesday 10-2

Contact anytime by email


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