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October 1, Meeting Minutes

Dear faculty,

Here is a summary of the topics discussed at yesterday's meeting:

1. The next general membership meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 5 from 12:30-1:45 in 110 Engineering. A representative from our parent union, NYSUT, will be present to discuss all the benefits of union membership.

2. Currently faculty stats were reviewed, and several very positive trends were noted: the number of faculty with a CCE has increased significantly (currently the number is 82; 5 years ago, it was 38) and that taking into account that a number of faculty with a CCE have since gotten full-time positions or retired. Tenure at Pratt continues to strengthen, against the national trend towards eliminating or weakening tenure. In addition, the number of visiting faculty has dipped below 500 for the first time in 5 years, clearly demonstrating that the reliance on very contingent faculty (those who teach only one course) is decreasing.

3. Most time was spent discussing the new proposed structure of the part-time faculty track, a proposal that resulted from year-long discussions between a union team and the administration (the "Joint Committee on the Visiting Status"). The next step for this proposal to be passed is for a joint presentation between the administration and the union to take place sometime during the Fall semester.

4. All faculty, whether or not they are union members, must fill out the yellow form which accompanied the new contract/CBA, all of which were distributed in faculty mailboxes (Manhattan mailboxes to be stuffed in the coming week). On the yellow form, you check whether you want to continue your union membership (if already a member), if you want to join the union, or if you elect to pay an agency fee. Those who elect the agency fee must apply for a rebate of that portion of the dues allocated by the parent union to political activities (instructions for how to apply for a rebate will be distributed in the spring, at the end of the parent union's fiscal year).


Suzanne Verderber

UFCT 1460 VP


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