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November 25, 2007 Negotiations Update


Dear UFCT Member:

I am pleased to announce that on Tuesday, November 20th, at about 10PM, the UFCT and Pratt Administration reached agreement on what would be (upon ratification) a four year contract effective September 1, 2007 thru August 31, 2011. Although there remain some small items and details in need of clarification and resolution, the heart of this settlement is a considerable win for our entire bargaining unit. Shortly, a 'Settlement Agreement' (as yet not fully written nor signed by the negotiating team) will be distributed to all UFCT members. This document will enumerate all changes, amendments and revisions to the current 2003-2007 Collective Bargaining Agreement. Once vetted by the membership, a ratification ballot will be sent to each union member. Ratification will be determined by a majority of votes cast. However, for the time being, a few noteworthy highlights for your perusal:

[1] a four-year contract, 3% annual percentage cost of living increases;

[2] $8,000 added to each full-time minimum at all ranks and levels (average increase 18%);

[3] $100.00 added to each contact hourly minimum (at all ranks and levels) for the part-time faculty;

[4] medical benefits for what will be adjunct 'C's' (following the re-structuring of the PT ranks) with an institute contribution of 50%;

[5] expanded sabbatical leaves for adjuncts;

[6] a monthly 'release' day for librarians for professional development…and…

[7] an AGENCY FEE for the UFCT!

There is much here to discuss and much we can all be encouraged about. Overall, this agreement recognizes the value of everyone who comprises the UFCT bargaining unit as each of us are stronger together than a part.

That said, this negotiation would never have been possible if not for an exceedingly smart and effective team. I am forever grateful to: Steve [Doloff], Suzanne [Verderber], Holly [Wilson], Bob [Zaccone] and Ric [Brown] for all of their tireless efforts on behalf of all of us!

I have tried to de-compress the last few days and hope that all of you have had a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving break. Stay Tuned!

In Solidarity,



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