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Membership Meeting October 31, 2007

From an email sent by Kye Carbone to the membership on October 24, 2007:

Dear UFCT Member:

I am apologizing at the outset of this email communiqué for the short notice, but apparently reserving a room for a much needed face-to-face union meeting has become more than a #?&* ordeal!

In any event, although I requested an early November date, it turns out that our first 'General Membership Meeting' for the semester is scheduled for: Wednesday, October 31st, from 12:30pm-1:50pm, in room: 110/Engineering [Be there, or be square!!]

Please make every effort to attend this CRUCIAL meeting, as I will be discussing –in detail — what-is-going-on in our negotiations for a new contract. Please bring your queries and a friend (as long they are a dues paying member of the UFCT) to this meeting.

As you might imagine, there is a lot on the table and a lot at stake in this negotiation.

Bottom-line, what happens in this round of negotiations will IMPACT everyone –including those fence-sitting "I'm an academic, not a worker" bargaining unit members who somehow can't afford to "join" the only support mechanism they –actually — have here at Pratt as the lowly "employees" they undoubtedly are. I'm not being flippant here, this sentiment is far too common amongst our brethren and has the effect of dragging us all down when we, the UFCT — the sole bargaining representative for all full-time and part-time "teaching staff employees" is earnestly trying [our damndest] to bring EVERYONE up.

We do not, can not, and will not distinguish or discriminate between those who choose to join their union and those who choose to free-load; for NO ONE is necessarily granted anything whether it is a salary adjustment and/or increase (as based on promotion and/or years served), a minimum annual percentage increase, a course release, medical or pension benefits (to name just a few meat-and-potato's "conditions of employment"), without a strong — united –UNION!

In other words, the union is no more than the FACULTY as whole — standing together and strong on the issues that [should] unite us: (1) Respectable, equitable and comparable salaries and rates of compensation for ALL; (2) Medical, pension and fringe benefits commiserate with one's faculty status and years of service; (3) the intrinsic right (as the faculty employees we are) to 'Academic Freedom' (believe me, your "status" as US citizen does not guarantee this, but your faculty status and CONTRACT does!)

Whether a critical thinking liberal artist or studio artist, we are in this together– come hell or high water — inextricably linked as the Pratt faculty members we all are.

There are no replays for missed opportunities.

See you on the 31st!

In Solidarity,



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