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Two additional group information meetings for UFCT members regarding the review of the Memorandum of Understanding will be held:

Thursday May 8, 12:30-2, Engineering 110

Thursday May 15, 12:30-2, Engineering 110

Note: Neither meeting is a "general membership" meeting; therefore no motions will be accepted from the floor.

The present Collective Bargaining Agreement (click on Contract, above) and the Memorandum of Understanding (look in the column to the right) are available here.


Mailings (cover letter with ballot and balloting instructions, a contact information letter, a hard copy of the MOU, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and "blind" envelope) have been sent. If you do not receive this between May 10 and May 12 (at the latest), please contact the UFCT ASAP.

The firm deadline for all ballots is: FRIDAY, MAY 23rd, by 12 NOON. There will be a public counting of all cast ballots at this time in the UFCT conference room: 123 North Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Do not hesitate to contact the UFCT office (125 North Hall) with any questions at all (; 718-636-3614).

–Suzanne Verderber


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