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Elections Update October 17, 2007

From an email sent by Kye Carbone to the membership on October 17, 2007:

Dear UFCT Member:

It is hard to believe that the UFCT will be once again conducting its elections, the current three-year terms for all four officer positions: President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer expiring on December 31, 2007. All UFCT members will have an opportunity to vote-in officers for all four positions for the next three-year term, which runs from January 1, 2008 thru December 31, 2010.

Please contact the UFCT office if you are interested in serving the Union's Elections Committee. A call for volunteers was included in my fall 2007 status report. This report was sent to members both electronically and distributed to member's mailboxes. Thus far, three members have stepped forward. A committee of five or six would be sufficient.

The Elections Committee should be in position to start the elections process shortly as we are at the halfway mark of the semester. As is our custom, first a nominations ballot is sent to all UFCT members, followed by an elections ballot [which is both blind and secret]. It will be the exclusive task of the Elections Committee to conduct all balloting and tallying of ballots.

The UFCT's current officers are:

PRESIDENT: Kye Carbone, Adjunct Professor w/CCE, Foundation Art,

VICE PRESIDENT: Steve Doloff, Full Professor (w/tenure), English & Humanities,

SECRETARY: Suzanne Verderber, Associate Professor (w/tenure), English & Humanities, and

TREASURER: Anne Turyn, Adjunct Professor w/CCE, Media Arts.

Please contact the UFCT office ASAP if you are interested in serving this committee.

In Solidarity,



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