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Constitution & Bylaws Ratification Voting Results

Dear Union Members,

Here are the results of the voting to adopt a new Union Constitution and Bylaws for our Union (UFCT Local 1460):


120  votes in favor   (81%).

28    votes against   (19%).


Of 407 Union members eligible to vote 148 (36%) exercised their right to vote.


The proposed Constitution and Bylaws are therefor now ratified.

As always, the Union Constitution & Bylaws are available at the Union Website:

We would like to underscore that this electronic vote was, and will remain, 100% secret and anonymous. No person at Pratt or at VoteNet Solutions is able to determine how anyone voted.

Finally, we expect that this will be the last official email from this committee, whose duties are now complete.

Thank you for your participation in this process,

C+B Ratification Committee

Luis Alonso

Rick Barry


PS: The complete voting report may be downloaded by clicking here.


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