The Delegates Assembly is composed of UFCT Local 1460 members who volunteer to foster communication and action within the union. Delegates work within their departments to raise union and contract awareness, listening to the labor concerns of colleagues and resonating those concerns to union leadership and other Delegates. The Delegates Assembly meets once a semester to discuss union issues and plan new outreach and action strategies. Through the Delegates Assembly ForumDelegates can discuss important union issues any day, any time (Delegates navigate here for information on how to get onto the Forum). 

Who coordinates the Delegates Assembly?

Our current Delegates Assembly co-coordinators are Emily Beall (Adjunct Assistant Professor of Humanities & Media Studies) and Dennis Masback (Adjunct Professor of Foundation Arts). You can get in contact with the co-coordinators of the Delegates Assembly here.

Who are the Delegates?

Below is the current list of faculty who have volunteered to serve as Delegates:

Architecture (UG): No Delegate volunteers from this program
Architecture (Grad): No Delegate volunteers from this program

Arts & Cultural Management: No Delegate volunteers from this program
Art & Design Education: Lisa Capone
Associate Degree Programs: Mark O’Grady
Communications Design (UG): No Delegate volunteers from this program
Communications & Package Design (Grad): No Delegate volunteers from this program
Creative Arts Therapy: Joan Wittig
Design Management: No Delegate volunteers from this program
Digital Arts: Linda Lauro-Lazin
Fashion Design: Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman
Film & Video: Deb Meehan, Sasha Sumner
Fine Arts: Lisa Bateman, Jenny Lee
Foundation Art: Yechiam Gal, Patrick Webb, Jane Haimes, Luis Alonso, Leslie Roberts
History of Art & Design: Joyce Polistena
Industrial Design: Kathryn Filla, Jonathan Thayer
Interior Design: No Delegate volunteers from this program
Photography: Anne Turyn

Information & Library Sciences: Chris Sula

Humanities & Media Studies: Laura Elrick, Anna Moschovakis, Suzanne Verderber
Math & Science: Dan Wright
Social Science & Cultural Studies: Lisabeth During, Darini Nicholas, Kumru Toktamis

Librarians: Steven Cohen, Margaret Portis

Don’t see enough representation for your department in the list above? Feel free to volunteer to become a Delegate.

Getting on the Delegates Assembly Forum:

The Delegates Assembly forum is now up and running. For more help on using this forum, visit this page. Don’t forget to log in before visiting the forum! Need help using this site? Visit the frequently asked technical questions page.