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Contract Ratification, Summer 2012

Dear UFCT Voting Member:


The UFCT will be holding three MOU review meetings: (1) Friday, 7/6th, 12-2PM, (2) Monday, 7/9th, 12-2PM, and (3) Wednesday, 7/11th, 12-2PM. All three meetings will be held in the “MMB” room on the lower level of the Brooklyn campus Library. Enter the Library, and take the elevator down to “LL” (note: the second L appears as an “I” as its horizontal is worn!)

I have again attached to this email, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).* Please review. Any questions you might have will be addressed at the aforementioned three meetings.

Moreover, we have secured the services of Vote-net (in Wash, D.C.) to oversee and facilitate our contract ratification vote. Vote-net was provided a full name/email listing of 500+ eligible voters (agency fee payers are ineligible). In the coming days, Vote-net will notify all eligible voters of voting procedures. Tentatively, voting will take place between Wednesday, 7/11th, and Wednesday, 7/18th. I will have more information about this in the coming days.

In Solidarity,


*For the MOU, please see below or click on the tab at right, “Memorandum of Understanding, 2011-2015”

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