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Dear UFCT Member:

I am pleased to announce that the UFCT will be hosting our third annual “ARPT Forum” on Friday, September 7th, from 10:00 to [no later than] 3:00. This year’s forum will again be held at ‘Anima Italian Bistro’, 458 Myrtle Avenue (between Washington and Clinton), 718-422-1122.

Article XVI: Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure (ARPT) is the “due process” article of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) we have w/the Pratt Administration; the ‘heart’ of our rights and protections as Pratt faculty. Whether you are a visiting, adjunct, CCE, or full-time faculty member, your rank and status is inextricably tied to ARPT protocol. Whether non-tenured, on the tenure track, or already conferred tenure, it is in both our individual and collective [self] interest(s) that we all know as much as is possible about the development of ARPT “standards” and ARPT “procedures”.

The more educated the faculty, the stronger the ARPT process!

Please make every effort to attend. However, Anima can only accommodate about fifty of us. As such, please RSVP me via email ASAP. Seating is limited, so reservations will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis. It is my hope that yet again, we will have an overwhelming majority of some twenty-plus Pratt department/areas represented at this year’s forum.


10:00–10:30 cafe / biscotti

10:30–12:00 review of information packet, overview of recent contract negotiations, status of ARPT process, grievance history, implications of faculty “input” w/respect to curriculum development and review

12:15–1:30 lunch: pizza, beer, wine

1:30… open floor discussion, (looking ahead, what to anticipate going forward)

Lastly, if anyone is interested in giving a brief presentation or report at the forum of how ARPT is working (or not as the case may be?) in one’s department/area, by all means, please contact me.

Hope to see you there!

In Solidarity,


ARPT Forum to be held 9/10 at Anima–please RSVP

The second annual ARPT (Committees on Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure) forum will be held on September 10, 2010 from 10-2 at Anima, an Italian restaurant located at 458 Myrtle Avenue, between Waverly and Washington (on the south side of Myrtle).  Please RSVP to Kye Carbone if you are planning to attend (the restaurant can hold approximately 75 people) at kyecarbone@gmail.com.

We will discuss how the ARPT process has played itself out in the past in various departments, and what to look for and be aware of in the future.

ARPT Forum: September 10, 2010

ARPT: Committees on Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure
(see Article XVI of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, available on this website).

Last year the UFCT sponsored such a forum for the first time, which was – as
based on the many responses we received – a rousing success [over fifty-plus
in attendance representing some sixteen Pratt department/areas!] At the
close of last year’s event, we agreed that such a forum should become a
perennial affair!

As such, this year’s forum will take place on: Friday, September 10th, from 10:00-2PM (I apologize to anyone who is teaching at this time and cannot seek a replacement as scheduling is never ideal when factoring in the needs of over six-hundred potential guests!) Lunch and refreshments will be
served; however, the location for the event — at this time — is TBA.

If you would be kind enough to simply return email me (kyecarbone@gmail.com) if you wish to attend, this will be very helpful in terms of our finding an appropriate space as well as our catering needs, etc…

A simple response: *“Yes, I plan on attending,”* is all I need at this
point. As we get closer to the date of the event I will send confirmation of
your attendance.

Look for my ‘Status Report’ in the next week or so; until then though, enjoy
what remains of the summer. I hope to see you on 9/10 if not before!

In Solidarity,