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November 8: Special Union Meeting and Happy Hour

Proposal for the next UFCT Forum
put forth by Emily Beall and Chris Jensen

Beyond the Contract: Fostering Union Dialogue and Action

In early September, UFCT members participated in a very successful ARPT forum. In addition to learning about our rights and responsibilities in the faculty ARPT process, members also began some important discussions on a range of matters, especially about what is happening “on the ground” from department to department. In order to continue these discussions, and to explore how union solidarity can be strengthened between contract negotiations, our next UFCT Forum will be dedicated to allowing members to propose new initiatives with the potential to:

1. Increase substantive dialogue and communication among union members

2. Help to build a more active union on campus.

You are invited to offer proposals that you envision will achieve these goals. If you have a proposal, please get in touch with moderators Chris and Emily (who also plan to offer a proposal) in advance of the forum: we will request that you send us a brief write-up of your proposal that we can distribute to members beforehand, and we will make sure each person or group with a proposal has time to speak. If you are unable to attend the forum, but would like to offer a proposal, we would be happy to circulate it for you.  By the end of the Forum, we hope to reach a consensus on which proposal(s) to move forward with.

The Forum will be held on Thursday, November 8th from 2:00 to 4:30 pm in Engineering 307.  After the forum, the UFCT will host a happy hour, place TBA.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Emily or Chris:

Chris Jensen:
Emily Beall:


Dear UFCT Member:

I am pleased to announce that the UFCT will be hosting our third annual “ARPT Forum” on Friday, September 7th, from 10:00 to [no later than] 3:00. This year’s forum will again be held at ‘Anima Italian Bistro’, 458 Myrtle Avenue (between Washington and Clinton), 718-422-1122.

Article XVI: Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure (ARPT) is the “due process” article of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) we have w/the Pratt Administration; the ‘heart’ of our rights and protections as Pratt faculty. Whether you are a visiting, adjunct, CCE, or full-time faculty member, your rank and status is inextricably tied to ARPT protocol. Whether non-tenured, on the tenure track, or already conferred tenure, it is in both our individual and collective [self] interest(s) that we all know as much as is possible about the development of ARPT “standards” and ARPT “procedures”.

The more educated the faculty, the stronger the ARPT process!

Please make every effort to attend. However, Anima can only accommodate about fifty of us. As such, please RSVP me via email ASAP. Seating is limited, so reservations will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis. It is my hope that yet again, we will have an overwhelming majority of some twenty-plus Pratt department/areas represented at this year’s forum.


10:00–10:30 cafe / biscotti

10:30–12:00 review of information packet, overview of recent contract negotiations, status of ARPT process, grievance history, implications of faculty “input” w/respect to curriculum development and review

12:15–1:30 lunch: pizza, beer, wine

1:30… open floor discussion, (looking ahead, what to anticipate going forward)

Lastly, if anyone is interested in giving a brief presentation or report at the forum of how ARPT is working (or not as the case may be?) in one’s department/area, by all means, please contact me.

Hope to see you there!

In Solidarity,



The Union will be conducting its third annual forum on Friday, September 7 (specific time and place to be announced) to discuss with faculty issues related to the promotion and reappointment process (“ARPT”–Appointments, Reappointments, Promotion, and Tenure).

Please mark your calendar and try to attend. In the past, important information has been transmitted & received.

The “New” New Voice

Watch for the appearance of the “New” New Voice, the faculty union newsletter (special 12-page edition) on April 30, just in time for May Day.

More May Day events:

Occupy May Day
Solidarity Lunch
on May 1, 2012
from 12 noon – 2 pm

Local 153 OPEIU (Academic and Administrative Support Staff)
is inviting faculty, staff and students to join us in Solidarity
with the “Day Without the 99%”

Wear Red (for May Day) and or Black (for OWS)
Brown Bag Your Lunch (OWS is calling for “no shopping” on May Day)
and break bread together by the Cannon.

The teachers have been working without a contract for almost a year, our union and
the other unions are coming out to show solidarity with the faculty and the students
who have been subjected to annual tuition increases during a time when many
of our students are struggling to continue and complete their educations.

Once they graduate most of our students will find themselves burdened
by student debt at a time when finding employment is very difficult.

May Day is “International Workers Day” and has a long history of militancy, especially in NYC.

Deleuze Event, Co-sponsored by UFCT 1460

“The Face of the Outside: Gilles Deleuze and the Philosophy of the Other”

A presentation by Gregory Flaxman

Thursday, April 12, 5:30
Alumni Reading Room
Pratt Library, 3rd Floor

Gregory Flaxman is Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, and Adjunct Professor of Communications, at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

His book, Gilles Deleuze and the Fabulation of Philosophy, Volume 1 (University of Minnesota Press, 2012), explores the centrality of aesthetics to project of philosophy as an ongoing creation of new concepts. He is also the editor of a collection of essays on Deleuze’s film theory, Cinema 1 and 2, The Movement Image and The Time Image, entitled, The Brain is the Screen: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Cinema (University of Minnesota, 2000).

This event is co-sponsored by Humanities and Media Studies, the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the United Federation of College Teachers 1460. Please contact Suzanne Verderber (, Associate Professor of Humanities and Media Studies, for further information, or for an excerpt from the Fabulation of Philosophy.