Fall “ARPT Forum”

Dear Faculty Union Member,
This Friday, November 3rd, is our “ARPT Forum” — 22 attendees are confirmed, and there’s 8 spots left!  (ARPT is “Appointments, Reappointments, Promotion, and Tenure”).
It will be at Da Ciro, on Myrtle, from 4:30-7pm.
Join us to hear from faculty panelists about their departmental standards and criteria, recent developments, and best practices.  Share what’s going on in your department, and learn how to strengthen this essential, faculty-driven process by which we earn Promotion, Tenure, Adjunct status, and CCE.
A sketch of the agenda and the menu are below.  RSVP to Kye at kyecarbone@gmail.com.
Hope to see you there!
4:30-5pm:  Get a drink, chat
5-5:30pm:  Attendees–what’s going on with ARPT in your department?
5:30-6:15:  Panel presentations highlighting departmental processes & best practices–Patricia Madeja, Fine Arts; Keena Suh, Interior Design
6:15-7pm:  Moderated Q&A