Contract Ratification, Summer 2012

Dear UFCT Voting Member:


The UFCT will be holding three MOU review meetings: (1) Friday, 7/6th, 12-2PM, (2) Monday, 7/9th, 12-2PM, and (3) Wednesday, 7/11th, 12-2PM. All three meetings will be held in the “MMB” room on the lower level of the Brooklyn campus Library. Enter the Library, and take the elevator down to “LL” (note: the second L appears as an “I” as its horizontal is worn!)

I have again attached to this email, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).* Please review. Any questions you might have will be addressed at the aforementioned three meetings.

Moreover, we have secured the services of Vote-net (in Wash, D.C.) to oversee and facilitate our contract ratification vote. Vote-net was provided a full name/email listing of 500+ eligible voters (agency fee payers are ineligible). In the coming days, Vote-net will notify all eligible voters of voting procedures. Tentatively, voting will take place between Wednesday, 7/11th, and Wednesday, 7/18th. I will have more information about this in the coming days.

In Solidarity,


*For the MOU, please see below or click on the tab at right, “Memorandum of Understanding, 2011-2015”

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  1. lroberts

    (Thank you, Kye, for responding to the following email, and for forwarding that correspondence to others. I also post my comments here, as you suggested, in the interest of open dialogue. I will let you decide what you feel appropriate to post on this forum, but again, I appreciate the reply.

    Leslie Roberts.)

    July 4 2012
    Dear Kye,

    Thanks to you and the negotiating team for your long hard work in reaching this proposal.

    I request that an email group be set up for all Union members, so we can have inclusive dialogue about the MOU and ratification process while many of us are away.

    Comparing the MOU to our CBA takes time, and raises some questions and concerns. I realize gains are likely to entail trade-offs, and gains such as adjunct health coverage are extremely significant. But we all need to understand the changes, and we need to address any issues as a whole body.

    At least as important, we need to decide collectively whether to set precedents for a summer vote, which as you say we’ve always hoped to avoid, as well as for an online vote.

    I also request we set a longer time frame for communication (online and meetings), especially given the time of year and the holiday weekend. The middle of next week seems too soon for reaching any collective decisions.

    I regret that I can’t attend meetings at the times you’ve scheduled. But since so many faculty aren’t in the city, an online forum seems the most practical way to have an inclusive process during the summer.

    Would you forward this to your other Union mailing lists? I look forward to hearing colleagues’ views, and having a collective discussion about the terms of our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Thanks.


    Leslie Roberts

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