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Union Event on Fracking, Thurs. Oct 13

Please join the Pratt Faculty Union (UFCT 1460) for a special presentation: ‘Hydraulic Fracturing’ 
[the new Halliburton technique used to drill for natural gas]Learn how proposed “fracking” regulations will NOT protect New York City!
On Thursday, Oct. 13, from 6:30-8:30 in the Alumni Reading Room, three expert panelists will discuss proposals for New York State, the Delaware River Basin, and Lower Manhattan.  
Since 2005, when ‘fracking’ was exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act, fracking has swept across the country, investors and policymakers believing we have enough domestic natural gas for perhaps 50-100 years. Unfortunately, though natural gas is in fact less dirty than coal when burned, the fracking process itself is so contaminating that when extraction is included, natural gas causes more greenhouse gas emissions than does coal, if taken out 20 years.  In addition, fracking tends to contaminate water supplies with the heavy metals, methane and radioactive materials found deep underground, as well as with the toxic chemicals used in the process itself, and also vents dangerous hydrocarbons into the air. Though it does create a few, mostly temporary jobs, it also destroys many traditional jobs. The New York Times has labeled its investment strategies as a ponzi scheme. Both New York State and the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) are about to issue fracking regulations, thus opening up NYS and the Delaware River Basin (source of 90% of NYC’s pristine drinking water) to this dangerous process, and threatening our growing local and organic farmlands.Spectra Energy is about to be issued a permit allowing it to build a 36-42-inch high-pressured gas pipeline under the West Side Highway, the West Village and Lower Chelsea. This pipeline is the same type as the one that blew-up in San Bruno, CA in 2010, killing eight people and damaging the city’s water supply system. We still have time to demand NY transition to sustainable energy, rather than natural gas.Panelists:

Joe Levine, graduate of Pratt Architecture, is a principal in the NYC firm of Bone/Levine Architects. The firm is involved with urban infrastructure upgrading and rehabilitation, conservation easement planning, and is a consultant to the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design. He is also the co-founder of NYH20 and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, two grassroots nonprofit organizations dedicated to educating the public about the threats posed by unconventional natural gasextraction.

Craig Michaels is an attorney and consultant to the NRDC on the NY SGEIS. Previously he was the Watershed Program Director at Riverkeeper.

Clare Donohue is a kitchen and bath designer, and founding member of Sane Energy Project, a group formed to fight the Spectra pipeline and promote sustainable energy in NYC. The group has been working since early spring11 to make residents aware of the project, and in two weeks convinced 500 people to become intervenors against the pipeline. In June, SANE Energy presented more than 2500 petitions to City Council.

If interested in attending, please RSVP me at: as space is limited. Moreover, non-UFCT members as well as students are certainly welcome; I’ll just need to know beforehand for a rough head-count that cannot exceed sixty for the ARR.

Lastly, attached to this email are two fliers one B&W and one in color. Please print-out, post, and distribute within your respective department/area(s) (email Kye for attachments).

Thanks to my sister Foundation colleague: Alice Zinnes for organizing this special event!

In Solidarity,


Pratt Faculty Union to Join Wednesday Wall Street Demonstrations

A call from a fellow Pratt Faculty Union member to join the historic Occupy Wall Street movement:

Sisters & Brothers:
I’m on sabbatical this semester so I’ve spent a lot of time on Wall Street. I’ve seen some of you at Liberty Plaza, mostly sisters, two of whom are officials of our glorious union. I would encourage each of you to visit the Occupation at your convenience, what has been evolving there is truly incredible. I’m curious as to what Pratt students think, I’ve seen a few of them there, one doing documentary photography.

I will be at the demonstration on Wednesday and would like to suggest that Pratt’s Local 1460 march together in solidarity. Make signs, bring musical instruments or noise makers, good shoes and a sense of pride.

In solidarity, Jim Costanzo

video performance on Wall Street



More information on the Wednesday evening march and demonstration:

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Wednesday, October 5 · 4:30pm – 7:30pm
City Hall, 250 Broadway
Created By
Beyond May 12
More Info
Union workers and community members impacted by the economic crisis have been demanding that Wall Street and the wealthiest New Yorker’s pay their fair share of taxes.

Let’s march down to Wall Street to welcome the protesters and show the faces of New Yorkers hardest hit by corporate greed.

Sponsored By:
United NY
Strong Economy for All Coalition
Working Families Party,
Community Voices Heard
Alliance for Quality Education
New York Communities for Change
Coalition for the Homeless
Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP)
TWU Local 100
The Job Party
NYC Coalition for Educational Justice
The Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center
The New Deal for New York Campaign
National People’s Action
Human Services Council
Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State
Citizen Action of NY
SEIU 1199
CWA 1109
Communications Workers of America
Democracy for NYC
United Auto Workers
United Federation of Teachers
Professional Staff Congress – CUNY
National Nurses United
Common Cause NY