Monday, April 4: Union Solidarity at Pratt

Monday, April 4:  Union Solidarity at Pratt


National Day of Union Solidarity on the Pratt Campus

Please Join Us For A Lunchtime Roundtable Discussion

Monday, April 4, 12:30-2pm, in the Alumni Reading Room, 3rd floor of the Library.

All members of the Pratt community are welcome.

On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated while in Memphis supporting the collective bargaining rights of sanitation workers.  Since February 11, 2011, thousands of people have protested in Wisconsin supporting the collective bargaining rights of state public employees.

What connects these two struggles?

How might we claim the vitality of the historic fight for labor rights and Dr. King’s anti-poverty campaigns for the current fight to strengthen American unions? What do the attempts to take away rights from organized labor mean on a global and national scale—and how does it affect our daily lives here on the Pratt campus?

What is your experience and connection to labor and unions? What connections do we in the Pratt community have to the struggle for collective bargaining and worker rights in NYC and beyond?

In commemoration of Dr. King’s work, April 4, 2011, has been declared a National Day of Union Solidarity—a chance for people across the country to gather and show support for Unions and current labor struggles.  Here on the Pratt campus, we’re marking this day by providing a forum for students, faculty, and employees alike to learn about and discuss Dr. King’s legacy and current labor struggles.  Please join us!

Hosted by Emily Beall, Moderated by Tracie Morris

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