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Wisconsin passes law that labor history must be taught in high school

It would indeed seem that it might help the labor movement in this country if the history of the labor movement was actually taught (so that young people would know there actually WAS a labor movement!). Funny, when I was in high school (Tottenville High School, Staten Island, New York) in the 1980’s, my economics class was taught by one of the leaders of the United Federation of Teachers. We learned economics from the perspective of labor (from the extraction of surplus value to the inexorable movement of history via the class struggle), and I guess I had come to take what had probably been then, in the midst of the Reagan eighties (and today would certainly be) a unique experience, for granted (please excuse the tortured sentence).

Here’s an article about the Wisconsin law.

Union People Spring 2010

Dear UFCT Member:

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and have had a successful start to the spring 2010 semester.

As I announced last fall, I am on sabbatical for this semester [taking some much needed time to return to the much neglected studio.] And, although I am not on the Pratt campus day-to-day, rest assured, I'm very much in touch and attuned to what is happening on the ground (and trust me, there is always something!) The bottom-line is that nothing has really changed regarding the structure of our Union. So, if anyone is confused, you needn't be…

As I announced last fall, Suzanne Verderber, (tenured) Associate Professor, Humanities & Media Studies, who is the UFCT's current VP, will assume the role of acting UFCT President for the spring 2010 semester. Moreover, Holly Wilson, (tenure-track) Assistant Professor, Libraries, who is the Union's Secretary, will be joining Gerson Sparer, (tenured) Professor, Math & Science, and Ric Brown, (tenured) Associate Professor, Social Sciences, on the UFCT's grievance team. [These are the people I work with every day, and the ones whose judgement I trust 100%!]

Therefore, if you have any concern, as always, please contact the Union directly at: 718-636-3614, or, email 'me' directly at:, yes, I will put you in contact with someone if need be… Moreover, Suzanne will be holding regular office hours at the UFCT office: 125 North Hall. I will notify you of these hours shortly.

[I'm not dead yet!]

In Solidarity,


Suzanne Verderber's Office Hours Spring 2010 (125 North Hall)

Tuesday 12-5

Wednesday 10-2

Contact anytime by email