Monthly Archives: December 2009

Older Workers Forced to Retire

This is an excellent article from the Wall Street Journal concerning how the recession is forcing older workers into retirement years before they had planned, forcing many to start receiving social security payments earlier, which lowers their payments for life, and making it very difficult for those who do want to work to find a new job.  It looks like we will be facing a wave of poverty among seniors.


Dec. 8 Meeting Cancelled

Dear UFCT Member:

Regrettably, I have to cancel tomorrow's: UFCT General Membership Meeting (Tuesday, 12/8, 12:30 to 1:50, 110/ENG.).

I have been struggling with laryngitis and asthmatic bronchitis for the last five days and am simply in no shape to attend or conduct the meeting. I apologize for the late notice. I will be sending my Status Report electronically by week's end.

Best wishes for a smooth end to the fall semester.

In Solidarity,