Strikes in California Protest Cuts in Public Ed

Here's the story from Democracy Now .  Tuition at California state schools is due to rise an average of 32%.

Update (November 21): Protests continue across the state.  Democracy Now continues to provide excellent coverage, here with an articluate interview with the president of University of California, American Federation of Teachers, Bob Samuels.  The interview reveals not only the the stakes of the current budget crisis, but the more pervasive and long term pressures on universities to be run as corporations and businesses, environments in which education and learning becomes subsidiary to corporate sponsored research and what Oscar Wilde would call "l'administration pour l'administration," i.e. administration for the sake of administration, with no ultimate educational end to administrative activity.

Update (November 24): Continuing protests, building occupations, arrests, and accusations of police brutality.

-Suzanne Verderber