Health Care Bill Narrowly Passes in House

Good news or bad?  Democrats and progressives are all over the map.  Here is a range of articles addressing the issue:

1.  New York Times Op-Ed November 12, 2009: Trading Women's Rights for Political Power

2.  Nicholas Kristof Op-Ed, New York Times, November 12, 2009: A Defining Choice

3.  Ralph Nader,, November 11, 2009: Still Waiting for Health Care

4.  Dennis Kucinich,, November 8, 2009: Why I Voted "No."

5.  Lucinda Marshall,, November 8, 2009: Dems Sell Women's Rights Down River of Health Care Denial

6.  NYSUT,, November 9, 2009: Thank Your House Representatives for Passing Health Care Reform