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The Good Life 2.jpgOn Saturday, September 26, members of the UFCT 1460 (Pratt's faculty) turned out to support a rally held by Local 153, Pratt Institute, academic and administrative support staff from across the Institute.  The rally was held during an Institute event entitled "The Good Life."  Members of Local 153 oversee the wood, metal, jewelry, ceramics, and printmaking shops; the photo, film, and math/science labs; and manage offices throughout the Institute (admissions, architecture, the associate degree program, athletics, bursar, career service, and so on).  Faculty at Rally 2.jpgThe Institute would literally cease to function without the dedication of the people who fill these positions.  From the flyer distributed at the rally: "Our members have always supported Pratt's educational goals with the students always and foremost in mind: In the 1990's, Pratt was in crisis, our union sacrificed with pay freezes and gave up benefits.  After a decade and a 25% loss in real wages, we finally made some headway in our last contract.  The current economic crisis has hit our members hard with increased costs in food, housing, transportation, and utilities.  Pratt's enrollment continues to grow and tuition continues to rise, yet Pratt refuses to bargain in good faith with our union.  We are asking for your support in our fight for a living wage." 

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123 NORTH HALL 12:30-2

This group is devoted to the exchange of ideas among Pratt faculty and other interested parties. It is founded on the premise that an Institute dedicated to education and training in the arts should provide a space for innovative thought. Without awareness and action, even an institution dedicated to creativity can fall prey to intellectual inertia. The group aims to provide resistance to this inertia, and to open new possibilities for learning, exchange, and collaboration. It also attempts to provide a utopian space for the realization of ideas that have always seemed to be possible at Pratt, but which have yet to be realized. This group is founded by faculty and aims to avoid administrative tentacle.