The UFCT Executive Committee would like to invite you to a discussion/meeting/conference on matters pertaining to: Appointments, Reappointments, Promotions and Tenure (i.e. ARPT, see: article XVI of the CBA). This will take place on Friday, August 28th, from 10:00 to 2:00 on Pratt's Brooklyn campus (actual room TBA as dependent on how many members will be attending). Lunch will be served.


If you have served or are presently serving your department/area’s Peer Review, CART or PART Committee(s), are currently preparing to apply for, or have applied for a faculty action (reappointment, status change, promotion or tenure) in years past, or, are simply interested in knowing more about how the ‘process’ works; what the differences are between ‘procedures’ and ‘standards', or are just curious about how other department/area’s address these ARPT matters, we welcome your attendance as this forum is open to any and all UFCT members.


Therefore, please RSVP ASAP (by email: or phone: 718-636-3614) as we'll need to know how many will be attending so we may make the necessary accommodations regarding food, drink and space.


In Solidarity,


The UFCT Executive Committee:


Kye Carbone

Adjunct Professor w/CCE (Foundation Art)

President UFCT Local 1460


Suzanne Verderber

Associate Professor (tenured, English & Humanities)

VP UFCT Local 1460


Holly Wilson

Assistant Professor (tenure-track, Libraries)

Secretary UFCT Local 1460


Anne Turyn

Adjunct Professor w/CCE (Media/Photo)

Treasurer, UFCT Local 1460