September 2008 Update

Dear faculty,

Here is some Union information that may be helpful as you get into the swing of the Fall semester:

1.  The new Collective Bargaining Agreement, covering 2007-2011, has been printed and should be delivered to your mailbox by mid-September.

2.  Monthly membership meetings will begin shortly.  When a date has been set, it will be immediately posted on this site.

3.  A status report is being written and will be distributed to all members via email and faculty mailboxes by mid-month.

4.  Information will soon be distributed concerning the transformation of the UFCT 1460 into an agency shop, an issue that concerns ALL faculty, members and non-members.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at, or call the Union office (125 North Hall) at 718-636-3614.  If you are a new faculty member, much information about the Union can be gleaned by perusing this site.


Suzanne Verderber

UFCT 1460 VP