To avoid any confusion…

Dear faculty,

This site,, the one you are looking at now, is the one and only site managed by the executive officers of the UFCT 1460, the Pratt faculty union.  We do not have anything at all to do with any other websites containing information about the union, despite any links to other sites that may exist.

Feel free to email any of the union officers with any specific questions you may have (see the "About" section for contact info).            –Suzanne

5 thoughts on “To avoid any confusion…

  1. jennylee

    Hi Holly,

    Thanks for your response. My post (Sat, May 10) seems to have disappeared. I wonder if you could check to see if it has been approved by Suzanne and/or whoever else is in charge of modifying and approving content.

    I posted information as a follow-up to the May 8 meeting where Ric Brown asked (and several attendees agreed with Ric) that I follow-up by providing my understanding of the statute governing negotiations, in particular the claim and concern that the administration would or could impose a contract on the union in the event that the MOU is not ratified by its membership.

    Given the delay and apparent censorship here, I will, in the meantime, post my remarks on the academic-forum.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Jenny Lee

  2. jennylee

    Correct. Clicking on MEETINGS (first item on horizontal bar at the top) redirects you to the page about meetings on the union blog.


  3. suzanne

    I was referring to the announcement on the Academic Senate website, http://www.prattsenate. org, of the “Extra Meetings in May” (already announced on this site). If one clicks on the provided link, one is brought to prattfaculty .info.

    One is NOT brought to, the website sponsored by the UFCT. One would think that given that these are official general membership meetings, it would be more accurate to refer people to the site of the organization sponsoring those meetings.

    I find this to be confusing and misleading. But thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain to our membership precisely what I was referring to.


  4. jennylee

    Hi Suzanne,

    Thanks for the clarification, but the Pratt Faculty Info/b> website provides very clearly the disclaimer that it is not affiliated with organizations it references, including the union, its website or Pratt Institute.

    Thanks and best,

    Jenny Lee, Fine Arts

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