To tape or not to tape

I have heard that a member of the faculty was taping the last meeting of the union. This was done without the permission of the faculty present. This is the most outrageous occurrence I have heard in all my years at Pratt. I think that this should be looked into by the executive committee and appropriate action taken. I think the perpetrator should step forward and apologize. I also think that the copy should be destroyed unless the faculty present unanimously approve of the action. Which can not happen because I disapprove.


4 thoughts on “To tape or not to tape

  1. lroberts

    Making minutes of recent meetings accessible would be valuable and appreciated. It was difficult for many faculty to attend all or, in some cases, any, of these, as the first one was scheduled in the middle of the semester’s final week. Information from the negotiating team has also been offered via phone, email,, etc. as well as at meetings. However, for the union itself–meaning the imembership–these gatherings were the only forum for discussion and debate of one another’s views.

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