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There are two ways of writing in: comments to posts and new posts.  I am trying to set things up so that new posts go directly to the website without a middle man (or woman in this case).  At the moment, posts get sent to a "middle space" where I, the manager, have to then forward them to the site.  The possibility surely exists in this process that I could step in and edit posts.  Please trust me for the next 24 hours, until I make the change (I am awaiting instructions on how to do this), that I have no interest in censoring what anyone has to say.  If you want to be sure your words get posted to the site directly right now, with no one else having access, it might be best to write a comment rather than a new post.  –Suzanne Verderber

1 thought on “Website Update

  1. rick


    You note that people can post or comment, but you don’t note how. You also don’t note that there are separate sections on this site that have somewhat different functionality.

    For example, this section,, allows me to comment on someone else’s post, does not offer me the option to post even though I am logged in.

    I’ve discovered by accident that I appear to be able to post only if I log in to the In other words the procedure for properly using the site is unclear due to the current setup. I hope this can be rectified.

    Also, for fools like me who have been unknowingly posting to the old site, I don’t understand why there is not a bold notice redirecting people to this site?

    Rick Barry

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