Memorandum of Understanding 2007-2011

The document is now on the site.  Look to the right and click on Memorandum of Understanding 2007-2011.  –Suzanne Verderber

4 thoughts on “Memorandum of Understanding 2007-2011

  1. holly

    As newly elected Secretary, I will make sure your email is on the list and will personally email you a copy of the MOU now.


  2. Chris Jensen

    I am concerned that I am not on all lists for the UFCT despite being a member.

    While I have received emails from Kye, I have yet to receive the MOU via email.

    How do I remedy this situation?

  3. suzanne

    Dear Jenny,
    The reason that I do not structure the display of the MOU as a selective side-by-side comparison is that I do not feel that it is the best way to display the information. Obviously, you disagree. The entire faculty (now both members and non members) now have access to the complete 2003-2007 CBA and the 2007-10011 MOU on this website. Members who have given an email address to the Union have also received an MOU by email. All members will also receive an MOU and a ballot at the home address they gave to the Union. Countless hard copy CBA’s have been distributed over the years. That said, I think it is important for the faculty to read the entire CBA and the entire MOU, not just excerpts. Why not look at the original documents? They may find things out they didn’t know before. Yes, this may be tedious. But having rights also entails exercising effort. –Suzanne Verderber

  4. jennylee

    Thanks for posting this, Suzanne.

    Would it be possible for the union to also post a side-by-side comparison of the proposed changes in at least four of the articles, LIKE THIS?

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