Should Faculty Unions Be Looking Beyond Bread and Butter?

In a recent speech , Cary Nelson, the President of the AAUP, called for faculty unions to look beyond the basic necessities (benefits, salaries) and rather become leaders in seeking social justice.  The comments that follow are largely hostile, one person claiming to be sick of the term "social justice," another castigating union leaderships in general for being power hungry and shutting out discussion and participation by the membership.  This piece was forwarded to the Pratt Union by a colleague from our close neighbor, the Long Island University Faculty Federation.  Representatives from several New York State higher education Unions, public and private, (CUNY, SUNY, LIU, CW Post, St. John's, Hofstra), whether represented by NYSUT, the UAW, or the AAUP, gathered at LIU on Friday, April 4, to discuss common issues and the possibility of forming coalitions to put more force behind our demands and visions for the future of higher education in New York State.    

– -Suzanne Verderber