Anti-Labor Decisions by NLRB (November 15, 2007)

Global News 

According to the AFT website, "thousands of union members and supporters rallied in cities across the country on November 15 [2007] to draw attention to a slew of anti-worker decisions handed down by the National Labor Relations Board, declaring that the NLRB should be ‘closed for renovation' until the nation gets a board that is fair and impartial…In September alone, the Bush-dominated NLRB-an agency that is supposed to protect workers' rights-issued more than 60 decisions, many of them attacking employees' rights to form a union.  This includes making it harder for workers to form a union through majority sign-up; making it harder for workers who are illegally fired to recover back pay; and making it easier for employers to discriminate against union organizers."

–Suzanne Verderber